3 steps to madness

1 Create the second Page

A. Title Tag has the same keyword prominence as the 1st page, but slightly different

B. Keyword Density on Page 2 in the body section is greater than page 1, but slightly more up to 8% or so

2 Link Exchange Between Page 1 and Page 2

A. Link Page 1 to Page 2 with ANCHOR TEXT you want Page 2 to rank for

B. From Page 2, link back to Page 1 with the SAME anchor text

C. On every page that Page 1 links to, place a link on those pages to Page 2, using the anchor text you want page 2 to rank for ( which is obviously the same as page 1.. if your trying to get indented results)

3 get a few quality links from other sites to Page 2. On these other sites, use a anchor text keyword that you want Page 2 to rank for.