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Thread: Hyphenated domain names

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    Question Hyphenated domain names

    This is SEO related even though it is reference to hyphenated domain names.

    OK fistly I should say I am a big fan of hyphenated domain names!

    I have many resons for this. This includes, although Google do not directly say so in their webmaster Guidelines they hint at something if you think about it carefully.

    Google URL Structure

    In reference to the green-dress thing it occured to me when I put my Dr Spock logic head on that if Googlebot finds green-dress easier as opposed to greendress then logic tells me that Googlebot doesn't somehow have a personality transplant when it comes to domain names and the same thing must also then apply in this area EG the domain name to.

    I have a couple of my own examples. It took my forum very little time to get on page 1 for the search term "tvworlds", brilliant that's really useful who the heck is gonna search for that LOL. Whereas (again not all that likely to get searched) it took over 2 years for it to get to page 1 for the search term "TV Worlds".

    I have another site again this site took just a few weeks to get to page 1 for the search term "hire seo" so I have to wonder if the same taking longer thing would have applied it the domain name would have been

    I haved experimented over long periods of time and thus far all my hyphenated domains are able to perform very well & much quicker results than domains without hyphens.

    There are other reasons I like hyphenated domains to.

    1 Stationary (& Biz Cards) - especially for domains of more than two words
    2 Vehicles - much easier to read hyphenated words on a vehicle as it whizzes past than it is to read words stuck together, again especially when more than two words are involved.

    The hint that Google give in the URL structure page is typical of some of Googles wording. I remember on one of their pages about pagerank, they exaplin it and explain what is best then make the statement "now go and build links".

    My immediate thoughts on reading this was that they we're telling me to go and write the best content I could in order to get organic links from others through merit. Pretty much everyone else seems to have taken this too mean something completely different.

    So what are your thoughts on hyphenated domains?

    Do you love them?

    Do you loathe them?

    Have you even tried to test then yourself?

    Are you against them because of what you have heard?

    Are you against them because of the tradition in domaining to value non hyphenated as worth more?

    What are your thoughts on hyphenated domain names?

    If past experience is anything to go by is is quite likely the ratio will be 8 to 2 in favour of non hyphenated domain names.
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