A great magazine article will have a great title to grab your attention, and then it will use Bold Text to highlight keywords. Many aspects of Google SEO 101 are simply a common sense approach to writing and appealing to the human reader. When you open up a magazine article there are several parts of the layout that will grab you attention. The Title of Course and bold text is another. Use this same approach to grab the Google spider’s attention when doing your web page highlights for the keyword phrase that you are targeting as well as grab the reader’s attention. The use of bold text can also add value to your keyword hyperlinked text or anchor text. If you are using a forum signature with an embedded hyper link, add bold to give your signature more boost as well. Use bold for internal linkage as well to cross indexing your web pages. In conclusion, the use of bold text will set your article apart in searches and increase your chances of a first place ranking as well as give hypertext link keyword phrase and signatures a boost. I like to call it a “Boost of Bold.