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Thread: Minisites in Wordpress a bad choice?

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    Post Minisites in Wordpress a bad choice?

    So, not too long ago I heard from a domainer that if you build a mini site on wordpress, google would recognize your site as a blog and have higher expectation for your site than it would for a static site when comes to fresh content/updates. Therefore, by not updating your site with fresh content as often as google expects that would negatively impact your site's ranking.
    I see so many mini sites built on wordpress and quite a few with old content (like last post from a year or two ago) but still ranking well, so I was wondering if anyone here agrees or disagrees with this statement about wordpress minisites.

    ** UPDATE: For the purpose of narrowing things down, let's assuming the following scenario when answering the question: You are going to build a 5-page informational site that will not be treated as a blog. Will be monetized with adsense and/or affiliate products. You do not plan to be posting new content after it's built. Maybe only a few updates to the current content if necessary.

    Is there any article out there that tackles this specific topic?
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    It is easy to make wordpress appear as a regular website (even to the search engines) with all the different seo and content plugins available so I voted no to your question.

    I have a few mini sites and a number of autoblogs that do ok for how young they are.

    I do write about a years worth of material (15-30 articles so there is atleast 2 new articles a month) per site though and have it post them on a schedule so they are more or less set and forget sites unless something changes in one of the niches during the year and then I will probably insert some more that is relevant to whatever the change may be.

    As for mini sites it depends how "mini" you mean, like if it is only 1 or 2 pages I would more than likely just create those using dreamweaver or another web design program but if you are talking about a site with more than that I would certainly go with wordpress.

    Anyway, that is my opinion on this question


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    This is another situation that greatly depends on the niche of the site, how many visitors you plan to have, and how much work you honestly want to put into the blog. I find that if you really want to make a blog successful in the quickest amount of time, you should be writing all of the post content fully to the blog and marketing just the blog - no mini or micro blogs. However if you're running an autopilot blog or website, it's easier to gain more traffic through mini sites

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    It doesn't matter what software you use, if any, when it comes to ranking content. That's just rediculous. With that being said though, imagine how that would scale. Even with the partially buggy 1 click updater in WP, could you imagine keeping software/plugins up to date across 10 blogs? What about 50, 100 or 500? So it really depends on what you're doing.

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