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Thread: Minisites in Wordpress a bad choice?

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    So, not too long ago I heard from a domainer that if you build a mini site on wordpress, google would recognize your site as a blog and have higher expectation for your site than it would for a static site when comes to fresh content/updates. Therefore, by not updating your site with fresh content as often as google expects that would negatively impact your site's ranking.
    I see so many mini sites built on wordpress and quite a few with old content (like last post from a year or two ago) but still ranking well, so I was wondering if anyone here agrees or disagrees with this statement about wordpress minisites.

    ** UPDATE: For the purpose of narrowing things down, let's assuming the following scenario when answering the question: You are going to build a 5-page informational site that will not be treated as a blog. Will be monetized with adsense and/or affiliate products. You do not plan to be posting new content after it's built. Maybe only a few updates to the current content if necessary.

    Is there any article out there that tackles this specific topic?
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