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Thread: The most common SEO mistakes you need to avoid

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    Thanks for the explanation. Another question then. So what are all these 1 page sites that are set up on 2.0 that link to the main site called? I know when you have a bunch of them people call them link wheels. So one must be a spoke page then

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    The Google Algorithm does not yet take the loading factor into consideration - that is a known fact; however we must realize that these algorithms keep changing as per Google's continuous drive for excellence and revenues at the same time. I strongly believe that current news and events carry a huge weight when it comes to SEO. You can type any word and search the latest news about that word. This is a different ball game all together. SEO common mistakes are many but I would put black hat practices and duplicate content as two big issues on the SEO bandwagon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natural Elements View Post
    Loading time was a SEO factor long time ago. I don't know if Google includes this factor on the algorithm now or in the future, but it seems logical.

    Here is an excellent link about SEO factors that I am following for a long time:
    Google Ranking Factors - SEO Checklist
    Quote Originally Posted by Rohitpatel View Post
    I've seen many people making mistakes during SEO work with site and I write simple information which may help you to avoid such a mistakes

    The most common SEO mistakes you need to avoid
    Interesting links, will have to checkin them out now!

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    It's great...Even I am seeing this for the first time..It'll help many. Thanks for sharing. To me the most important thing is to avoid poor quality links as it results in spamming.

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    The biggest mistake that I see is trying to do what you think is the reason why others outrank you. Looking at the bigger picture, I see "trust" playing a huge role. Winning Google's trust so to speak. And it isn't so much about the links as it is about being present where Google looks for good related content. "Best foot forward" is usually the best way to go and staying the hell away from websites with poor content relying on link schemes for traffic.
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