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Thread: My Site Is Not Getting Indexed, Any Ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChillingBreeze View Post
    Would you like to share the url? Or PM? I sense a banned domain around. Was about to ask if the domain was new or old but got the answer in last post. I may help if I know the url.
    The site is Christmas crafts

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Stavros View Post
    I had a similar problem with the latest Wordpress site that I made, but it turned out to be the stupid privacy setting (which I'd never noticed before). After fixing that, I just made sure that I had a few links pointing to the site, and that I'd listed (and verified) it in Google Webmaster Tools, and sure enough the bot came along a little while later. Now, new posts get indexed within a few hours. Good luck to you with yours; I hope it's not a duff domain.

    Oh, and the site that I'm talking about is all about Christmas too! Ho ho ho!
    Wow, what a coincidence, we have the same theme for our sites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5starpix View Post
    The site is Christmas crafts
    Looks to be banned when it was dropped. Rest all stuff looks fine at your site.
    SEO girl...

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