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Thread: Is it necessary to link all posts together?

  1. Is it necessary to link all posts together?

    Will linking all your posts to each other in your website automatically help it rank better in the SERPs?

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    Yes, According to Best Seo-Guide i ever Read (FastAttack SEO by Craig Mako) it's good to link each posts

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    Only link to another posts if they are relevant or may be of interest to anyone reading the post, which will be a benefit you cant link to every post as your content grows it will soon become impossible.

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    This only works if you have a very small site.

    If you link all of your posts together for a larger site you will negatively impact the site because the number of links per page will become too large. Some SEO inheritance factors, such as PageRank, are divided by the number of links on a page. My advice is always to keep the number of links per page below 50, including menu links. A smaller number of links will have a stronger impact than a larger number.

    The basic linking structure found in WordPress (without the Archives) is good model to follow. There are multiple paths to every page without excessive numbers of links.

    @aayati's advice about linking related posts is also good.
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  5. I agree to link related posts, not all links together. Why don't you create a label and link {self-promo removed by mod} with that label together.
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  6. I agree with you. Its better to link to limited and relevant pages which really have a worth linking to, rather than linking to all the pages.

  7. I agree with aayati, it's helpful to link to other posts if it's going to help the user. I wouldn't over do it, though. I also see some value in linking out to other good sites, like linking out to the wikipedia page that's about a certain topic.
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    I would recommend linking related posts.

    If you use wordpress, look for a plugin that lists 5 or 6 other posts from the SAME CATEGORY.

    Doing it this way (using 5 or 6 in the same category, rather than basing it off tags), can help you to create a silo effect (check here)

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    Its better to link to relevant pages that really are worth linking to, but everyone has a different method maybe linking all of them is the best thing for some.

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    It depends if your post is located on different websites or domain. But if they are within one blog or website then it wont matter with SERP. Though it would be a nice thing for readers to help them easily navigate through your different posts.

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