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Thread: On-Page Optimization

  1. Thanks, Will

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    Thanks for sharing wonderful tips. I have seen many newbies and even experienced SEO who forgets some of the listed factors which are important from optimization point of view.

    1. HTML validation
    2. Page Content
    3. WebPage Size
    4. Image Size
    5. Flash Banner Size
    6. Content Structure
    7. Always have problems in Keyword Research and mining
    8. Improper use of Heading Tags
    9. Description and Title filled with keywords
    10. URL length

    Give time to your optimization tips so that you can fetch good results. It is a good thing to keep tracking your competitors' website but it doesn't mean that you should copy all the thing. Try to offer something new and different to the users, so that they come on regular basis.

  3. ON-PAGE Optimization is key, this is what I am placing most of my focus on. Have been working on my site for over 2 1/2 years and I am still placing emphasis on my ON-PAGE SEO, internal link structure is key, I am still finding crawl errors and broken link. ON-PAGE Optimization is an on-going task which a webmaster should never let up.

    Much Thanks,


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    The most important On Page optimization techniques include content optimization, the title-tag, several META-Tags, headlines & text decoration, alt- and title-attributes and continuous actualization.

    (1) Content Optimization

    This is a tough one, because you should of course concentrate on your user and easy readability, but you always have to have an eye on the search engines as well. For your users it’s clear what a certain page is about if it’s written in the headline, but for search engines it’s better to repeat the important keywords several times. So you have to strike the right balance:

    (2) TITLE-Tag

    <title>Website title</title>
    It is displayed at the top of your browser and it is also used as the title of your website in the SERPs. Therefore you should take your time and think about the best title for your page

    (3) META-Tags

    META-Tags are not as important any more as they used to be. That’s basically because people started using them to spam search engines – especially the keyword-tag was heavily used for that. Nevertheless there are still some important META-Tags you should use:

    <meta name=�description� content=�� />
    The description-tag is probably the most important META-Tag. It is displayed in the SERPs and you should select it as carefully as the title-tag.

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    I would comply to that, content optimization is one of the most important aspects of On-Page Optimization and once it has been executed to perfection the emphasis should be laid on the proper linking of all the pages and updating the content at regular interval. On-Page Optimization is without a doubt very important for your website the better you execute it the better will be the results.

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    On page SEO is the first need for any of the new site as to build the webpages and website search engine friendly. As by developing meta tags, header tags, titles, description, content for each of the page in well manner one can build the site that can be easily understandable by search engine as well as by visitors.

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    Gr8 summary for onpage techniques.....

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    oh dats the great summary of onpage techniques......we must follow

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    Thanks for such valuable tips. On page optimization is equally important. Off page optimization can not replace its functions. So It is important to do it properly to get you high rankings in SERPs.

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