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Thread: On-Page Optimization Tactics You Don't Hear About

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    On-Page Optimization Tactics You Don't Hear About

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    Page is not loading for me at time of post.

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    Nice video. I was pleased to see you recommending external links which I long suspected was an important on-page factor that is often overlooked.

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    The video mentioned nothing new. The problem mostly lies in the vast majority of so-called SEO people thinking stuff like metatags still makes a difference. I have done on-site SEO for many companies for a few years now, and there are over 30 various aspects of on-site SEO. Of course they all vary in importance, but it's good to know a bit beyond the basics.

  5. Linking structure and content is an important part of on-page seo and now a days Google is emphasizing more and more on Content.

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    Good compilation of basic SEO techniques, there is nothing new in this video; although this video helps many newbies SEO.

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    Domain Name

    Your domain name has a powerful effect on how you rank. Having an EMD (exact match domain) for your keyword is going to do a lot for your ranking. However, this is not crucial to your ranking success. Many people, such as myself, choose to have a domain name that they can brand. It depends on what you're looking to do with your site. If you want to make a small niche site targeting a single keyword, then clearly you will want to get an EMD.

    Title and Header Tags

    We're going to apply the same ideas to our title and header tags. You want to include your keyword, but you can't always just use your keyword. In this case we are going to do the same thing we did with our domain name. Put your keyword first then add more text. Also, with stemming in mind, you can use different tenses or plurality for your keyword. There is also another clever strategy you can use to rank for your keyword without even using it!

    Text Formatting

    There are ways to optimize your text besides keyword density. Text formatting is using bold, italics, font-size, and word placement to improve the relevance of your page to your keyword. Making your keyword bold and/or increasing its font-size will add importance to it in the eyes of the Search Engines. Also, where you put your keyword has an effect as well. Placing your keyword in the first and last sentence of a body of text will improve the relevance of your page as well. With this in mind, here's how you can make a super-optimized blog-post or article:

    1) Place your keyword in the title
    2) Include your keyword in the first and last sentences
    3) Bold your keyword both times
    4) Wrap your keyword in the first and last sentences with h1 and h2 tags respectively

    and here's the final tip for internal linking or backlinking

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    There is nothing new in this video I have already watched it. There are lots of things you should consider while optimizing a web-page. Now, big Daddy has announced that it will penalize over optimized website, so beware of this.

  9. Thanks for good share your video. I will try to practice in future and see the result.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gittar1122 View Post
    Linking structure and content is an important part of on-page seo and now a days Google is emphasizing more and more on Content.
    Content was, is, and always will be, key. If, instead of focusing on bolding keyword phrases, instead of focusing on making sure keywords are included the exact number of times the current pundits theorize, people would focus on building quality websites with content that benefits the end user, they would find the task of optimization a whole lot easier.
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