So I can tell you right now that SEO WORKS for keywords if you do it right.

The trick is to target less prominent keywords, so for example I decided that every time someone searched "find new proxies" I wanted my proxy list to come up in their results.

I then constructed a custom proxy list script.

I then optimised the html of the page (as best I could) for search engine friendlyness.

I then waited.

My proxy list Find New Proxies is now in position 7 on google for the keywords "find new proxies" and position 3 for the exact search "find new proxies".

It's getting organic traffic (about 4-5 UV's a day) so I consider that a general all round success for my experiment in SEO. The best way to learn, is by doing! And also by targeting your keywords in the url of your site

Feel free to look at the html of my site to see how I attempted to make my proxy list google-friendly, and feel free to give feedback on my process (how to improve it, where I went wrong, why I'm completely wrong)