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Thread: question on redirect ?

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    question on redirect ?

    i have a car classifieds site with traffic and i plan to create another car site, should i move the classifieds site to new site and redirect everything to there ?
    cause new site will have more information and plan to maintenance one site is much more easier then two site .......

    classifieds site exit 8 month with 2-5 dollar daily income from adsense (200 visitor daily).

    New car site will include, all car detail, spec, prices, launching date, history and wallpaper. (forum later)

    Redirect will hurt my traffic ? lose serp ?
    Should i merge the two site or i do separately ?


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    Complete your new site first and get that stable. Once everything is well with the new site (ie: no bugs/no dead links etc..), then you can redirect the traffic to the new site.

    If the new site is much better in design and content, people will be more likely to return, and they will prefer the new site over the old one.

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    You can do as said by 5starpix above or you could just build the new site and wait for things to stabilize. Let it start bringing in its own traffic, simultaneously also promote your older site to keep its traffic stable.

    If you redirect too soon, since the content on the new site will be different from the old one you may start to lose your rankings on the SERPs and may eventually end up with no traffic.

    So my suggestion is, place the redirect only after the new site gets completely stabilized in terms of content, bugs(no bugs i.e.) and traffic.

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    Yes, you should work on the second one for a while (3-6 months should be enough) before redirecting the classifieds site.

    And after you do it, make absolutely sure you've got 301 redirects on all pages correctly. If you get Not Found errors, that will make your site drop in rankings for sure.

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