I just made some changes to my contest entry since I realized
that I misused H1 tags on subpages. I simply did not gave enough attention to the anything else then frontpage...

Basicly I had my site name wrapped in <h1> tags in header, so every subpages had it, with the post titles wrapped in <h2> tag

However <title> was correct.

What I did and what I think that is right you can read here
H1 tag misuse | Sulumits Retsambew

However I am wondering, what are your experiences for the same <title> and <h1> tags.

Thanks to all in one seo plugin for wordpress, it is easy to get them different or similar, but is anyone tried to make them exactly the same?

I heard that google will maybe that consider spam, but that is natural thing to do.

If you have post about Green Apples then it is natural something like this

<title>Green Apples</title>

and then later

<h1>Green Apples</h1>