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Thread: Search Engine Optimization Basics

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    Choosing your Keywords

    * A research done by Entireweb 31% of people enter 2 word phrases into search engines, 25% of all users look for 3 word combinations and only about 19% of them try their luck with only a single word.
    * Do not choose a keyword to optimize your site for that you don't have the slightest chance of ranking good with because of the fierce competition.
    * Do not choose a keyword that nobody looks for.
    * Do not choose a keyword that does not relate strongly enough to your content.
    * Only use generally popular keywords if you do not need targeted traffic.
    * Do not use words that may get your site filtered or banned from search engines.
    * Do not use images with filenames or ALT tags ( Alt attributes of IMG tag ) that may get your site filtered or banned from search engines.
    * Only use dynamic pages when the functionality demands it.
    * Use lots of relevant content, well laid out into separate pages.
    * For best results optimize one page for one keyword.
    * Do not post half-finished sites.


    <Meta Description> Tag
    # Shouldn't be any longer than 25-30 words ( DMOZ ).
    # Shouldn't be any longer than 100 characters ( Google ).
    # Shouldn't be any longer than 150 characters ( ).
    # Shouldn't be any longer than 200 characters ( referring to Google ).

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    First of all I must say that is nice article. The thing is that on page seo is very important in getting good PR; but it needs dofollow sites where you paste ur links and you may also make off page seo which may give you just some visitors as well as traffics; but no backlinks; though traffics is important of achieving high PR; but backlinks is the most vital point in this regards. There is nothing; but backlinks that can trigger the search engines to sense that your site is much available in the internet, besides traffics let it know about your popularity. For getting high PR both is important.

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    If one is making use of SEO for getting the best results for the site then need to manage both kind of methods as off page as well as on page. As just with the on page or just with the use of off page one can not get the better results. As SEO results depends not only on the keywords, title, anchor text or not only on the backlinks or the content. So one need to provide the quality content with the appropriate keywords and need to get more backlinks for the site to get best results.

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