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Thread: Search Engine Optimization Basics

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    Search Engine Optimization Basics

    I just saw a thread by one of the membmer so thought of giving some informationg about SEO basics.

    Search engine optimization commonly known as SEO is a basic thing that you would do to enhance traffic to your website. If you want to put your website on top in the search results, then you need to optimize your website for the search engines. SEO along with pay per click is the best technique to promote your website these days. SEO is essential for a web owner and it is considered as the best tool to enhance traffic to your website. The SEO takes a little time before it benefits you but that time is worth waiting. If your strategy is good, then you can reach top of search results and can dramatically enhance traffic to your website.

    SEO is not actually one technique that can boost traffic to your website. SEO is a web of many techniques that you need to use simultaneously and effectively to enhance traffic to your website. When you do this smartly, your website will be better optimized and hence it will become more search engine friendly. The great advantage that SEO offers is that it will either take very little money or it will take nothing at all. The money will be needed if you want someone else to work for you and do the SEO work. But if you yourself do the work, there is no need to have a budget for it.

    Black Hat SEO is a term that is used to denote unethical SEO. There are various companies that use this technique. But as a beginner, you should know that Black Hat SEO is against the search engine policies and it’s unethical. Such companies use the methods that fool the search engines and they draw the traffic to your website. Remember that you may be able to fool the search engine for a while, but there are plenty of chances that your website will end up being banned by the search engine.

    One more thing that you need to know is that search engines constantly change their algorithms. So before buying any SEO software or tool you need to look for the latest ones. There are plenty of SEO tools available that are outdated and will not be helpful at all. The search engines change their algorithms to improve the search results and you need to keep yourself updated on that if you really intend to boost the traffic to your website.

    You should write fresh content for your website as this will help you to better optimize your website. There is no alternative to unique and fresh content. Remember that the content that is not unique and is not fresh will be recognized by the search engine and it will harm your ranking.

    Hope this basic information will help many newbies to start with SEO and get more traffic to their websites or blogs. All the best
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  2. Ill go for On page optimization first…if done right…well it can be tremendously powerful and it may possibly be the edge of your website to achieve good SERP.

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    PPC is only useful if you are selling something otherwise it is not. However a good basic run down on SEO.

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    SEO is the best way to get targeted traffic. But one should do first onpage SEO then offpage SEO. When you build & try SEO for your site it takes a time to get results.

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    My belief is that when the basement of the website is good then there can be no one to beat it from getting into the rankings. so apart from SEO promoting the site will benefit the website for getting a brand name to the website

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenie0109 View Post
    Ill go for On page optimization first…if done right…well it can be tremendously powerful and it may possibly be the edge of your website to achieve good SERP.
    While I agree that on-page optimization should be done first (because it is something that is TOTALLY in YOUR control), on-page optimization alone rarely leads to good rankings for keyword phrases unless there is little or no competition for those phrases.

    If a keyword phrase is even moderately competitive, you will have to use off-site optimization (i.e. link building) to get the URL to rank for its targeted keyword phrase(s). Off-site optimization in general is much more important IMO for rankings than on-page/on-site optimizations.

    A URL with crappy on-page optimization can be made to rank well with enough inbound links containing the right keywords in the link text regardless of how competitive the targeted phrase is.

    A URL with GREAT on-page optimization will never rank well for competitive keyword phrases without inbound links from other sites containing the right link text.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by cuinee View Post
    Here are some of the things you need to consider with regards to SEO:

    1. On-Page Optimization - title tags, meta tags, description, keywords, alt tags, heading tags.
    2. Off-Page Optimization - article submission, blog commenting, forum posting, classified ads, press release, social bookmarking and networking.
    Good guidelines. I would add two of the best web 2.o properties are Squido and hubpages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redfoxseo View Post
    Good guidelines. I would add two of the best web 2.o properties are Squido and hubpages.
    It's the social bookmarking
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  9. But which of them (on page or off page SEO) enhances traffic more cos i have seen sites with PR of 4 with low traffic in comparism to another site with PR3 but with high traffic rank.
    Surely, the PR3 site with high traffic must be doing something right

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    Hi web friends!

    The foremost objective of search engine optimization is to design a website as search engine relatively as possible.

    Here are top 08 basic SEO tips for any novel web site:

    01. Create a sitemap
    02. Proper use of all tags
    03. Blog Commenting
    04. Exchange links
    05. Quality inbound links
    06. Submit a quality directory
    07. Optimize your image
    08. Use SEO friendly urls

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