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Thread: SEO for different languages

  1. SEO for different languages

    Hello guys, I'm planning to translate few of my websites. Before I do anything I would like to know what is better for SEO?

    1. de.mywebsite .com
    2. mywebsite .com/de
    3. mywebsite .com/german-page-link-goes-here

    Please help me with this to make the best choice.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. Using subdomains will keep the most link juice for your original articles. Keeping all the pages on the same domain will spread more link juice to the translated pages.

    In the old days, Google would rank pages that appeared to be in the "root directory" higher that pages that appeared to be in "subdirectories." Strangely, I am now seeing extensive examples showing that Google has completely reversed that preference. Pages that appear to be in subdirectories are now receiving a noticeable preference.
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  3. Actually, I would try to get the .de tld and create an entirely new site just in that language. That's the ideal situation.
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