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Thread: SEO Friendly Error Page (404)

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    1. Your 404 error page should be very attractive..

    2. It should look like a part of your website..

    3. It must contain links to all the important pages of your site..

    4. It should have a search bar..

    And personally, I don't think there is any need of redirection.

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    Make it a customized 404 error page that keeps you on your website rather than navigating out of the site.

    Firstly, add a line to your .htaccess file like this:
    ErrorDocument 404 /404error.html
    Substitute your own 404 page’s URL for the ‘/404error.html’ bit. However, please remember not to use the full NAME e.g. here or this will send the request to the web and create a ’200 OK’ header response instead of the “404 NOT FOUND” response we want.

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