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Thread: SEO why only Google?

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    I agree with the statement above, from Iowadawg...

    It is good to focus in on Google, as thats the big gun still, and also what clients tend to want to use as a metric to measure success with (although in truth, it is good to use other metrics too!)

    I would track results across both engines (big G, and Bing) - Don't worry so much about Yahoo, as with Microhoo these days, once you get a decent Bing ranking, in theory, Yahoo should really follow!

    I also agree that folks regurgitate what they hear everywhere else, and just say 'Google is all that counts' - Whilst I know why they say this, any, and I mean ANY, online marketing strategy that relies on a single source of traffic, is, to some extent, unstable in the long term.

    Whilst we are at it, don't just focus on search! - Go with social too - and I don't JUST mean social for the sake of rankings (although that can be valid, if done properly!), I mean try to engage with folks on social networks - get active, ask questions, answer questions - get involved...

    So, to flip your question on it's head (it's easier to answer that way!) -

    SEO - Why NOT only Google?

    Answer: Because a website that gets traffic from Google, Bing, Q&A sites & forums (NOT by spamming them!) and also Social avenues, is a hell of a lot more stable and secure in the long run, than one that just replies on Google

    To throw an analogy in, I like to climb (although too busy most times these days!), and when I climb outdoors, I always like to put anchor points in the rock as often as possible - multiple anchor points are safer, and if one fails, there is less chance I will drop to my death! - Same with your traffic - multiple sources = safer life (of your website, that is!)

    Quote Originally Posted by iowadawg View Post
    But it has been found that people using bing tend to actually click on the results much more than google!
    So work for bing also, as that is bringing more results than google.
    Check your own site stats!
    See where the traffic is coming from.
    Too many webmasters just do not check and continue going only with google.
    And too many go on forums and just say, go with google.

    You might be surprised exactly what search engines are sending you traffic!

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    I would recommend not only focusing on Google. Something happened on Bing with one of my sites, and I sprang up from page 5 to #2 in the results. Between Bing and Yahoo (Yahoo gets data from Bing) I've seen an additional 2,000 users a day. About 6,000 a day from Google and 2,000 from Bing/Yahoo.

    I would say in some markets/niches, it's silly to ignore Bing.
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    seo is not only focused on google itself but on others(yahho, bing) as well. but on the contrary it is done more for google because google has a much bigger user data base and stats itself show that 70 to 80% market is of google itself.Now the reason behind this is also to generate more traffic and to make it more specific a user likes google more than the others is because of its quality content.

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    My answer to any "why google?" question is 60%+ market share.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mukluknation View Post
    My answer to any "why google?" question is 60%+ market share.
    Actually Google has a higher market share when you include AOL which is powered with Google.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogart View Post
    Actually Google has a higher market share when you include AOL which is powered with Google.
    That's true. Google's market share hovers around 65-70% from month to month. Nevertheless, you want to put your efforts into something that will give the greatest return.

  7. From my google analytics, I would say 80% - 90% of my search engine traffic comes from google.

    With so much traffic coming from 1 source, its not really worth my time to worry about the other search engines.

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    Most SEO techniques yield positive MSN serp results in the long term. One website that I have is number 2 on Google number 5 on MSN.

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    Google is very famous search engine but i think on other side yahoo and bing is also famous but seo don't care about this why? Only Google is good for SEO.

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    Google is more preferable in SEO as other search engines uses the same terminology or follow Google. If you are high rank in Google then high chances are your also high rank in Others

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    I agree with you, almost 80% search engine share is for Google.

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