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Thread: SEO why only Google?

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    I agree with you, almost 80% search engine share is for Google.
    Internationally it's over 80%, but in the US it's just under 65%.

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    Increasingly. I find that I do not even check to see how google is ranking my site. I care more about what my usqiers are doing on my site. if I fail to build a site that people love to use, it probably will not matter how much traffic google decides to send it to my site. but if I do a good job on my site, users will like to visit often, and most likely google will send me traffic. but the key here is that I did not start thinking about google. I started thinking about my users.
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    Because Google is an best search engine comparing to other search engine, mostly millions of people use to search in Google, as it have the latest updates with it, i m not saying other search engine is not having updates. But Google gives more traffic and preference to the new sites.

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