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Thread: Tag Cloud or not?

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    Tag Cloud or not?

    I'm curious about your opinion. I'm building a new website (design related), and I'm thinking about skipping tag cloud altogether. Why I would do this is because nobody is really using it. People never click it, it's just there to tell Google how cool we are to have so many SEO friendly keywords on our page. The question is, does it still work or it's being ignored by Google? Personally I think it's a waste of useful space on the site.

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    I also prefer to avoid tag cloud.

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    Some of my blogs, a tag cloud is easier for visitors to find stuff than categories or search.
    Other blogs, categories.
    Other blogs, just search.

    It really depends on your blog and your blog content as to whether go for tag clouds, categories and/or search.

    Okay, here is one blog, it got a tag cloud built in because of someone posting in a thread of mine (either here or on namepros) asking me to make it easier than using the search function.
    So now, when I post a new list of domains, I tag it.
    And yes, it is used quite often, though not yet at the level the search function is used.
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    Tags are your index vocabulary. Tags and categories are similar to Drupal taxonomy which allow you group content for both the user and search engine. Tags should are being used for key vocabulary as the downside is that overusing tags creates too many links on the homepage. Another issue is that tags may cause duplicate content issues. So, you should only show excerpts.

  5. i personally don't think people will also click those keywords on the cloud. so i prefer to take it out.

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    The tag cloud will depend on how the tags are built. It will also depend on the number of tags. The more you use the same tags, the more they will grow in importance in the eyes of visitors to your blog and search engine.It is good for search engines, and is useful for visitors who would have had more choice of reading. The tag allows you to group several items of the same theme, in the same category

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    Yeah, but your can do that with categories as well, and to use tag's you don't need a tag cloud (the visual thingy, you know what I mean).

  8. Because of duplicate content issues, I would do categories OR tags. I wouldn't do both. There is no problem with tag clouds--they're not spammy at all in most cases.
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    On some blogs of mine, tag clouds are so much easier for people to find stuff on the blog.
    Better and quicker than search (after all, if the tag says "nude women", easier to click on it than search for "nude women" oh, that is just an example! )
    I like tag clouds because categories are so hard to create constantly and one ends up with a huge scroll of categories.

    I also find that more people click on the tags.

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    Do you have stats about that? I just checked my own on a site where I have tag cloud and the most visited tag (clicked from tag cloud) got 0.6% of all traffic. That's like nothing. Categories though are on top, third most visited page is a category.

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