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    Unethical SEO

    Recently I've been keeping tabs on my competitors and have noticed strange, unethical activity from one in particular. The first thing that caught my eye was clear, blatant keyword stuffing. I checked out the site to get a better idea.

    The keyword was repeated in this site's description more than four times in a matter of two sentences. This trend continued throughout the site.

    Look at that! Now, I won't go into page-by-page analysis of the website, but I will say that it's unethical SEO efforts are quite disturbing, and this is just one such example. I can only hope that Google will review my report and take the appropriate action. It hurts to know that I am doing everything by the book, and people engaging in these sorts of tactics are ranking highly.

    For other keywords and niches I have seen a lot of blackhat SEO going on as well. I'm just hoping that by doing everything right, and by reporting these attempts at ranking manipulation, my sites can climb the ladder.

    So - have you ever filed a spam report with Google?
    Do you monitor your competition?
    Do you engage in unethical SEO?
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