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Thread: Which URL is better from the two here??

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    If I tell you, I would have to kill you.

    Which URL is better from the two here??

    One of my page is targeting a 4-word phrase, which of the following URLs is better from SEO point of view??

    or (minus all the hyphens)


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    The first one, i.e.
    as apart from in the actual domain name, the hyphen acts as a space separator for every word.

    For the URL to be good enough in a SEO perspective for the keyword 'wordx wordy', the domain name must be
    but the folder should be

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    So now due to the perception of SEO and Domain Name strength we will have lots of funny or odd doman names - what you need is to build a brand, easy to remember, to the point, unique not a long hash of words.
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    Make it an easy life for the programmer. If you don't add separators for the keywords then it may be impossible to separate them out.

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    Just add keywords to your inner urls, dont worry about the domain name too much
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    Generally speaking, these 2 forms of URL would not have difference in search engine's eyes. But the 1st option would be more user friendly, IMO.

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    First one is better, hypens helps. Just make sure you dont make thee the words too long, be specific.

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    Whether hyphens in the URL are good are bad depends on what part of the URL you are talking about.

    When picking a folder or page name for the "path" portion of a URL you should always separate words with hyphens. Very few people are going to remember some URL to a page 2 levels deep in your site, so the SEO gains you get from using hyphens far outweighs any usability gains you might get from NOT having hypens.

    However, when selecting domain names, I would recommend NOT using hyphens. It's much more important to make your domain names something easy to remember, easy to spell aloud, easy to type, etc. and hyphens are counterproductive in this regard.

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    In My point of view 1st one is good.....

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    Here is the debate over hyphens or underscores from Matt Cutts, which is essentially the same argument.

    The real answer is to take the page name in the URL and use it to do a search in Google. You will find that words1word2word3 does not produce results, while word1-word2-word3 does.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Should I use underscores or hyphens in URLs?[/ame]
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