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Thread: Use of capital letters

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    I have seen some SEO guys telling that instead of using Bold, if Italics are use, then it would work..

    I haven't tried it out but what do you think about this?
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    I did a search on G for Learn Spanish Online and learn spanish online and there didn't seem to be a difference in the returned results.

    So I recommend standard capitalization as per normal writing. And it is most applicable for title text..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loko View Post
    I am writing articles for my site in US English. So far I used Upper Case for the initial letters of all keywords in the articles only and not for other words (except for the first word of the sentence and names of course).

    Do keywords with initial capital letters have any advantage SEO wise or does it look too spammy? What do you pros out there recommend?
    Google is case-insensitive. If you search for Keyword, keyword or KEYWORD you will get the same results except for possible personalization being done based on previous searches.

    However, they DO treat singular and plural differently. You can see MUCH different results based on plurality.

    IMO all you've done by capitalizing your keywords is:

    1) make your visitors think you don't have a grasp on the English language and
    2) made your pages look spammy.

    There is no reason for doing this other than a blatent attempt to manipulate the SERPs. This is synonymous to bolding every occurance of keywords on a page, which again reads as total spam. When I stumble onto sites like this I immediately hit the back button. I don't even waste my time reading the first paragraph.

    Even IF capitlization meant anything (and it doesn't), the likelihood of this technique actually making your URL rank even 1 position higher would be slim to none. There are MANY ranking factors (of which this is only one) and many of the other ranking factors (title element, anchor text of inbound links, etc.) are weighted so much more higher in the overall algorithm than these types of ranking factors. The affect to rankings would be miniscule at best. The negative affects on the quality of content from a user perspective would be much greater than and far outweigh any increase in rankings (IF and ONLY IF this ever were to become a ranking factor).

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    Nothing says Im crazy more then writing in allcaps.
    It makes the reader feel he/she is yelled at.
    Dont do it.
    Google doesnt care anyways...

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    TitleCase is a very nice tool for converting titles and other test to the proper case.
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    Doesn't really comprehend how they call it seo friendly but I guess readers will pay attention to the bolded words and tend to concentrate on those which are highlighted.
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