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Thread: Website Siloing: An SEO Strategy For Optimal Results

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    Website Siloing: An SEO Strategy For Optimal Results

    Relevancy in Google’s eyes begins with strong content. Furthermore, that same content needs to be well structured. One of the best ways to inject positive results into your organic campaign, is to structure your website into a symmetrical organization – silo structuring.
    A disjointed website will many times wreak havoc and minimize the keyword performance of your site. On the other hand, if you tightly theme your content, search engines will index your site better and give you a boost in keyword rankings.
    A clean site structure is clearly one of the most powerful and underrated SEO strategies today.
    Website Siloing: An SEO Strategy For Optimal Results | WebProNews

    Very interesting theory, what do you think about the silo structuring?
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  2. Siloing is good for visitors and good for SEO.

    It could be that strong siloing is one of the factors that saved from Panda I and II, when so many of the other content farms got beaten down.
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    This layout idea makes good logical sense for any website. My wonder is how tall one should build their silo? Also how many silos should be placed on one farm?

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    You don't want to go so deep that it is hard to find the content, Sami. Therefore, a general rule of thumb is three clicks or less. If someone can't get to the content they want in three clicks or less, you've created too many layers and need to find a way to limit it.

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    I'd go with a bunch of mini silo's.

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