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Thread: What is Phrase Based Indexing?

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    What is Phrase Based Indexing?

    Can anyone let me know what is what is phrase based indexing?

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    Here's a nice article explaining phrase based indexing

    Phrasification and Revisiting Google's Phrase Based Indexing

    I hope it helps....

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    That's some very useful information there. I am glad that I stumbled across this post today. Seriously though, I can't believe that Google is allowed to patent something simple and seemingly natural like that.

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    A Phrase Based Indexing and Retrieval is a structure planned by Google to index or retrieve information by utilizing phrases to list, rank, define and search documents on the internet. It seems at how the phrases are utilized on the internet and decides whether they are valid phrases to be on the web.

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    Phrase Based Indexing and Retrieval is based up this Google patent and phrasification uses clusters and phrases to re-rank pages in the search results.

    This was rolled out in 2010.

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