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Thread: What is XML Sitemap?

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    What is XML Sitemap?

    Sitemaps are simple way for webmasters to notify search engines about pages on their websites that are accessible for crawling. Site map is a page that has a link to all sub pages of website.

    Sitemap can be XML, TXT or HTML usually XML and TXT is served for robots.

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    Wow...great copy and past job.
    Am sure all newbies would love this.

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    Hey thanks Paul for this great information. I would like to ask query to you like how can i generate sitemap for my website? Is there any tool available which provides sitemap?

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    Speaking of "tools"

    First we get copy and paste intro from a guy with fake location, then a puppet ID {with fake location} to answer yourself?

    Adios, jackwagon.
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    xml sitemap is important in seo, helps to crawl all pages faster to index them all top search engines.

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    I'm wondering why other members is just copying others content just to have a thread and reacting just like nothing happen. It is simple and easy to have a thread because you are interested to learn.

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