Make a Bid on Flippa

All these sites I'm selling are legit!!! They all have custom articles written by me, backlinking done by me, and steady revenue. This is a good start for any newbie webmaster or experienced webmaster.

I don't use any automated software on my blogs that will get banned on Google. I take time and write my own articles. Next to each site will be a number of how many articles I have written for each site.

You will see and feel the difference in each website I have constructed. These are quality looking sites, not crappy templates that you see used over and over again.

I have been making and running websites for more than five years so I know what it takes to make good legit money. Believe me when I say these sites will make you money for many years to come.

Things you will need to buy seperate, a phpbay pro license and a BANS license. Also a phpzon license if you plan on running amazong products on

Vbulletin and VBSEO licenses come with forums

PR4 - - Mustang Wordpress Site with phpbay - 87 Articles
PR3 - - Fishing Wordpress blog with phpbay - 224 Articles
PR3 - year old domain) - GM Vbulletin Forum with BANS(Build a Niche Store)
PR3 - - Muscle Car Wordpress blog and phpbay - 269 Articles with 519 pages
PR2 - - Xbox 360 Wordpress blog and phpbay and phpzon - 57 Articles
PR2 - - Pure Mustang HTML Site and BANS(Build Niche Store) - 20 Articles
PR2 - - Fishing Joomla Site and custom ebay script - 20 Articles
PR2 - - Mustang Vbulletin forum with VBSEO
PR0 - - Custom Joomla Mustang Video Site - 239 Articles
PR2 - - PhpBB Health Food Forum with Wordpress and phpbay
PR2 - - Joomla Aliens and UFO and Ghost Site - 86 Articles
PR1 - year old domain) - Joomla Mustang Site - 43 Articles
PR1 - - Joomla Acne Site with custom ebay script - 26 Articles
PR1 - - Electronics Wordpress Blog with BANS integration - 45 Articles
PR0 - - Corvette Build Niche Store - 4 articles
PR0 - - Wordpress Fitness Blog with phpbay 76 Articles and 207 Pages
PR0 - - Joomla Custom Car site like CarDomain - 81 Articles
PR0 - - Flippa Clone being Run on Wordpress(Big Potential) - 44 Articles