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Thread: $247 Earnings last February - $1714 Earnings for 2009

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    $247 Earnings last February - $1714 Earnings for 2009


    Vbulletin Mustang Automotive Forum with BANS Ebay Store attached.

    2 Year Old Domain, well established!

    Brand New Vbulletin 4.0 license($190 worth) comes with purchase of site, all you have to pay for is a Build Niche Store License(BANS). Or if you have one, you're already set!

    VBSEO is used on the site, but will not be sold because VBSEO will not let me transfer the license.

    All Affiliate links are cloaked.

    Great thing about running a forum with an ebay store is, content!!! Loads and loads of it! I like adding forums to my stores, because it brings more traffic to my ebay store.

    It also gives a professional appearance to your users, a sort of trust. People will buy from a forum more since it's a community.

    2009 Earnings

    2010 February Earnings

    2009 AW Stats

    2010 AW Stats

    Update on earnings for this month, March 1 - 10. Earnings were $93.99 for just the first 10 days. It's visibly obvious that earnings are increasing every month.

    Ebay -
    Adsense -

    This one of the most stable sites currently currently for sale. The traffic is all organic and earnings are increasing monthly, earnings alone for last year were $1714.

    There is absolutely no maintenance with the site, it's been sitting for the last past year and the earnings are increasing dramatically. The sites content and domain is well established in Google and other search engines.

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    I did a search for 'mustang tech' and couldn't find the site in the results.

    Overall there are about 70 posts in a handful of threads on the board total.

    Where does the traffic come from and what does it do when it gets there?
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    If you check aw stats images, most the traffic comes from google images
    Proof here -

    If you look at on google, most the urls indexed are mustang images.

    Site has 138 posts indexed in Google, that's enough to draw this amount of traffic and money. Along with 1,097 backlinks. Use SEO quake and you'll find all the backlinks pointed to the site.

    Provided by SEO Quake
    Backlinks pointed to domain: 1,097
    Alexa Rank: 1,004,380
    Google Page Rank: 2
    Indexed Urls in Bing: 65
    Indexed Urls in Google: 138

    Some of the popular keywords from AW Stats

    The site ranks well for images
    Mustang Tech - All Albums

    All proof is there for each month, how the traffic has increased throughout 2009

    Here's two urls I found with page rank

    PR1 - The Hunted: Great Movie - Mustang Tech

    PR1 - Suede vs. Red Leather on the 03-04 Mustang Cobras - Mustang Tech

    I use forums in a different way then most people do, here's a new one I just made that's going to be making me lots of money.

    Two sites I sold in the past,

    Anyways, thanks for looking and good luck bidding.
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