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Thread: 24h Auction: Movie Sites made $800 with Gateway - Start: $200 <=

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    24h Auction: Movie Sites made $800 with Gateway - Start: $200 <=


    I would like to sell my movie sites as I need money to start new ones (bigger)

    Sites are 100% legal as I don't share films, only trailers.
    Money has been made with the PerfectTracking Content Locker, but can be easily monetized with CPalead or AdSense (made some bucks).

    Most from Google. We have very good ranking with a lot of keywords (check pics).

    Ice Age:
    District 9:
    A Perfect Getaway :

    Note: You can found URLs on top of screenshots.

    Visitors must complete a survey to see ... a description and a trailer


    Important: The domain for Ice Age is Watch Ice Age Online .net, so you can still monetize the site for months as you can choose to promote the 1rd and 2nd movie and maybe the 4th


    All Sites
    Starting bid: $200
    BIN: $350 (Only for NetBuilders)

    Ice Age:
    Starting bid: $150
    No Reserve !

    District 9:
    Starting bid: $30
    No Reserve !

    A Perfect Getaway:
    Starting bid: $10
    No Reserve !

    Payment: PayPal
    End Time: 24 hours

    Auction is going on DigitalPoint:
    I can refuse a bid for any reason (mainly if bidder have negatives iTraders)

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    EDIT: Doesn't look likes its for sale...
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