This is a sale exclusive to NetBuilders (at least for now).

I am selling 3 content sites in order to cut down my portfolio. The sites are related to health, tourism and MMO. All sites were built on short domains (premium LLLL.net's and triple premium LLLL.com), so that's a plus. All content on all sites is unique and original. All sites receive some minor traffic and revenue, but please consider none as I have no proofs of either (I am lazy to make screenshots ). Here are the details:

SITE 1: hqsl.com

A PR2 site related to Silver Lake, a part of Los Angeles. It's over 1 year old. It's ranked well in Google for its keywords. 185 backlinks, according to Yahoo.

SITE 2: gcgt.net

A site related to health -- diabetes, precisely. It's around 7-8 months old. 25 backlinks, according to Yahoo.

SITE 3: dshd.net

A site related to MMO. It's around 7-8 months old. 30 backlinks, according to Yahoo.

Now... the prices. Since I'm looking for a quick sale, I won't ask for too much. The price is $50 per site (the first one is $80), or $150 for all. I accept Paypal and Moneybookers.

PM me if you're interested.