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Thread: .:35 Proxy Sites (Pr0,Pr1,Pr2) Get it now!:.

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    Hi guys

    Im selling now 35 my proxy sites that are left of my server.
    Im selling it because It run out of Bandwidth.

    All of them is already promoted and has revenue.
    Most of them has Page Rank from 0 to 2 .

    Here is the list

    I cant give you a traffic stat because my server(o2proxyhost) has no awtstat.

    Recent Revenue(October-today):
    (No stats for some of the proxies because I forgot to add ad channel on them)

    Starting Bid: $50
    BIN: $100
    Price is a STEAL!

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    Are you on shared hosting on O2? I'm on it too and I can see AwStats without any problem so..

    Good luck with the sale
    |Nico Lawsons

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    I bid $50 ..

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