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Thread: 40 AdSense Websites Plus 24 Undeveloped Exact Match Domains!

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    40 AdSense Websites Plus 24 Undeveloped Exact Match Domains!

    Today I’m going to be offering up a total of 40 fully developed websites and 24 exact match domains.

    Just in case you didn’t already know – AdSense is an easy yet highly effective monetization method. More and more people go online when looking for information and when shopping for products. By having website visitors click on ads, you earn money!

    So why am I selling these? Simple: I have more websites and domains I can handle and want to clear some off my portfolio.

    What You’re Going to Get…

    40 AdSense websites each based on an Exact Match Domain and 24 undeveloped Exact Match Domains:

    AQA Past Papers
    Broadband Check: What You Should Check When Switching Broadband Providers
    CPU Fan Error
    Crochet Stitches
    Folding Napkins
    Call Divert: Understanding Call Diverts and Call Forwarding
    CPU Temperature Monitor
    Fire Extinguisher Types
    How to Clean Laptop Screen
    Indefatigable - What does it mean?
    Stencils for Walls
    Fastest Internet Browser
    IRS Tax Form 1040
    Health Inspector Training
    How to Overclock CPU
    Water and Flood Damage Service
    Car Inspections
    Fake Grass - Artificial Turf - Synthetic Lawn
    Buy Hama Beads
    Lackadaisical - What does the word lackadaisical mean?
    USB to Ethernet Adaptors
    Apple Refurbished
    BATF: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
    Decopatch: Learn the Art of Decoupage
    Solteras: Mujeres rusas y chicas latinas
    Free Webcam Software
    How To Cook Brown Rice
    Job Vacancies Abroad
    Sound Drivers for Windows XP
    Verada: Mitsubishi Magna Verada Used Cars for Sale
    Vichyssoise Soup
    Notebook Apple: MacBook, MacBook Air

    Loan Consolidation News | everything you wanted to know about consolidating your loansLoan Consolidation News
    Distance Learning News - study at your own pace, from anywhere in the world
    Cancer Spot: From Prevention and Symptoms to Treatments and CuresCancer Spot
    Custom Label Printing
    Payroll Software Free Download
    Mesothelioma Spot | a resource for mesothelioma patients and their familiesMesothelioma Spot

    Car Insurance Online
    Mortgage Payment Insurance
    Notebook Apple: MacBook, MacBook Air
    What is 3G | What is 3G Website
    Asbestos Spot | your complete resource on the effects of asbestosAsbestos Spot | your complete resource on the effects of asbestos
    Sociopath Test | Sociopath Test Website
    Terrier Training | Terrier Training Website
    Strawberry Blonde Hair

    All websites have at least one unique article, some have as many as twelve. All websites fully comply with Google terms as for ad placement and have a privacy disclaimer and a contact page.

    I prefer static HTML sites because you won’t have problems with backend applications like WordPress hogging resources and slowing down your website load times!

    On top of that the design of the websites themselves is top notch, and already fully optimized and tweaked to ensure the best possible click through rates!

    In a nutshell, these are websites that are engineered specifically to load smoothly and get visitors to click on the advertisements that appear there!

    Right now the bulk of these 40 websites are already ranking on the first page of Google search engine results for several keywords, and they’re also generating revenue now that they’ve been plugged into Google AdSense!

    So far they’ve been monetized for 9 days, which is why only those figures are available – but the websites themselves have been around for much longer than that. To protect my AdSense account from click bombing attacks, Adsense code has been taken off the sites for the duration of the sale and replaced by images of Google AdSense ads.

    Google Analytics has been put to the sites only January 1, 2012, that’s why there are only stats for 14 days. Both Google Adsense and Google Analytics are running on the same channel for all sites – which should make organizing your websites painless!

    Current Traffic and Earnings

    Don’t just take our word for all of this though – check out up-to-date details that should give you an idea of what you can expect from our 40 AdSense websites in terms of both traffic and profitability!

    As I said before, these websites have been around a long time but have only been monetized for nine days in January when traffic picked up. On average, these websites generate a bit over $1 a day on AdSense. This means these websites already make today $400 per year without you doing anything. If you do some linkbuilding, these sites will soar in the SERPS easily because they are based on an Exact Match Domain.

    Domain names have been carefully researched and generally have over 1,000 EXACT searches a month in Google.

    All domains are aged, many are several years old – the oldest is actually from 1999! As such many of these 40 websites also already have a PageRank of up to 3.

    See the kind of passive income these websites are already generating? Overall, these 40 AdSense websites are able to pull in traffic and convert them due to the great clickthrough rates that they boast!

    In addition, you’ll get 24 additional undeveloped Exact Match Domains that will generate you even more income once they are developed. With the right SEO, I am confident that these 64 domains can earn at least $100 a day in AdSense collectively! Possibly a lot more.

    What Happens Next?

    If you choose to get your hands on these 64 web properties – you’ll be investing in an automated cash cow that will continue to provide you with an income week in and week out!

    But before you leap into action, you should know that we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet…

    Thinking Towards the Future

    With these websites, their current value is only a part of their full potential and if you’re willing to put a little effort in and build up some backlinks and add a few more articles – these websites could easily rocket right up to the top spot on many keywords!

    Additional traffic is definitely great – but what about extra monetization?

    For now the only monetization on the 40 websites is via Google AdSense, but there’s honestly no limit on what you could do with them. Starting to offer coupon codes via affiliate programs is a very real and possibly lucrative option that you could tap into. You could also sell advertisement space on these websites or convert them to e-commerce stores or sell affiliate products.

    With more traffic and more diverse monetization options the sky is the limit for these websites!

    Money Does Matter After All

    While I am looking for a quick sale, I don’t really want to deal with 64 buyers and prefer to sell them as a package at a very reduced price of US $1,500.
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