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Thread: 5 Sites Cheap Netbuilders Special!

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    5 Sites Cheap Netbuilders Special!

    NetBuilders Special!

    5 Jobs sites for sale with PHP includes template and rss feeds. All sites registered at Godaddy.

    The sites are monetized with Indeed Publisher and adsense. Adsense is in external php files for easy updating.

    Chicago Illinois Jobs GODADDY expire 8-Oct-11
    Los Angeles California Jobs GODADDY expire 8-Oct-11
    New York NY Jobs GODADDY expire 8-Oct-11
    San Diego California Jobs GODADDY expire 9-Oct-11
    Tampa Jobs Florida GODADDY expire 26-Apr-11

    Price $5 USD or $500 NetBucks each.

    First person to post sold in this thread gets the site.

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