For sale 6 successful affiliate sites plus 2 undeveloped affiliate domains.

I'll make this short. Here are the six sites:


(remove all * to get the real domains).

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Each site has made at least one sale, some have made several. Average affiliate commission is $40 per sale. Sites are ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing and are getting traffic even after Penguin, although some have lost some ranks. I have way too many sites and am selling some off. If you work on these sites, they are pretty easy to rank and can make you a decent income. All domains are well researched and have an exact search volume of at least 1,000, some have several thousand exact match searches per month, so there is plenty of money to be made with these domains.

Domains are with Namesilo and GoDaddy and domains only expire some time in 2013 or 2014.

BIN for all six sites and 2 domains: $300, payment by PayPal.

Traffic stats and proof of income available to qualified buyers only.