The forum started with running on vBulletin. After a few while, I decided that I'm no longer providing direct downloads as the cost for the server is too high for me at that time. Traffic maintain due to the games and wallpapers hosted. Later I found a small anime forum with a great layout and decided to buy and merge it with's database. So, now you have it. Since there are no downloads and wallpapers and streaming movies, traffic has been slowly decreasing. The potential of this site, once you offer something like manga reader and anime downloads, the traffic will surely going to be back increased.

Payment Accepted:
Paypal Verified, Escrow (more upon inquiry)

Please note that the sale includes:
- Otakuflame . com and site
- Custom mybb forum design

Start BIN: $50
Increment: $10
BIN: $200

- Add $50 and you will get Custom coded homepage design coded to be integrate with vbulletin 3.8.x

- Add $70 you will get anime wallpaper site www. animewallpapershd .com