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"Are you looking to play exciting arcade classic games? Then this site is for you!"

The site has some steady backlinks at the moment and can easily make it to number one in Google with little effort. I have been submitting a lot of the games to Digg, which brings in a nice amount of traffic! You can easily promote this on forums, with Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg and other similar sites! The site comes complete with a lot of games - and the script is integrated with MochiMedia, so you can add games (and profit from them) with the click of a button!

Near the top of the 2nd page on Google for: arcade classic games
(A popular gaming-related search term. Can easily rank well for other variations or similar searches, too!)

Site Details and Walkthrough: (Please read this for details!)

Monetization Methods:
AdBrite Network (Banner advertisements around the site.)
MochiMedia (Displays advertisements before games.)

I am looking to sell for $50 - I feel as though this is a reasonable amount due to the investment and time put into the site, and the vast level of potential it has! I have sold other arcade sites for much more, but I need the cash so I'm willing to take a loss here.

You will receive the entire site, domain - everything. Payment accepted via PayPal.

This site has a ton of potential/opportunity. The person who buys this will be very lucky.