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Thread: BabesCast.Com|Between 100-2500 Visitors/Day|Incl. Twitter Acc. With +16800 Followers

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    Thumbs up BabesCast.Com|Between 100-2500 Visitors/Day|Incl. Twitter Acc. With +16800 Followers

    I'm selling BabesCast.Com, one of my most popular adult websites at the moment. I've invested a lot of money into this WordPress blog, but now it's time to sell it and to search for a new owner.

    Website description:
    BabesCast is an adult picture website. It's online since May 2010 but has been receiving a few thousand visitors over these months. Its design is unique, a modified version of the Qwilm theme. All of the pictures are bought, and all the small banners on the frontpage and other pages have been bought too.

    At the moment there are 72 posts online and almost 70 are pending. Together with the sale is also its amazing Twitter account with over 16800 followers.

    Earnings were made through selling Tweets. Many adult website owners pay upto 5$ for a Tweet to the 16K followers. Ofcourse a 1$ per tweet is good enough. You can easily sell 10 Tweets per day for 1$ which means you will earn 300$ per month just from Tweets.

    Another thing I've done is selling blog posts that included an advertisement to another website. These were just temporary and these posts have expired. Owners were paying between 7$ and 15$ per blog post.

    You could eventually add advertisements which I have never done (Just one day, but than I saw the company didn't pay through paypal so I removed the ads).

    October traffic:

    Start bidding at $375
    Increase bids by $25
    BIN is at $1500 (5 Months Twitter Revenue-only)

    Payment goes through PayPal or Bank Transfer (To Belgium, so expect fees).

    Happy bidding,
    Nico Lawsons
    |Nico Lawsons

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    Have you tried sponsored twits yourself?
    Where do those followers come from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shenron View Post
    Have you tried sponsored twits yourself?
    Where do those followers come from?
    Yes I've tried sponsored tweets. It's been a while though but here you can see an example:

    These followers are gained by the use of Buzzom.Com, so there are a lot of marketers between them, but many of the followers are interested in porn (Most are males).

    So they aren't from other adult accounts -well maybe 25% is, because I've followed the followers from PornAmazon etc.- but most of them are from Buzzom.


    Received a $524,67 bid (350 Euro) on a Dutch webmaster forum called

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    |Nico Lawsons

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