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Thread: Best Webmaster tools for sale

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    Best Webmaster tools for sale


    I have the following Best Webmaster Tools website for sale. The script I am using is licensed one and I can pass on the ownership rights of the script to the buyer.

    URL = Best Webmaster Tools,Free Webmaster Tools,Free SEO Tools
    Alexa rank = 6,06,082
    Registrar = Go daddy
    Created: 2009-06-24

    Expires: 2010-06-24

    I am selling the domain as well as passing the ownership rights of the script to the buyer.

    Please note that I can do Godaddy to Godaddy URL transfer only and will email the files to the buyer once I receive the full payment in advance.

    Starting bid: US$11
    BIN = US$26

    Payment by PAYPAl.

    If interested, kindly bid
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    This site has been sold at another forum. Thanks!
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