->Huge database with more than 25000 listings.
->Listing spread over various categories evenly.
->Fully SEO optimized.
->Each to insert Ads,Affiliate codes Etc.
->Tips and marketing info basics given for free along with the site to kick start incomes.
->Transfer to your host/set completely free.
->Details included how to easily get and add content.
->Site is new so no traffic or revenue proofs needed.
->Adsense, Affiliate sales amazon,click bank and many other ways available to monetize the site.To kick start income cpalead gateway can be easily integrated.
->The site is new so no traffic yet..but with some basic marketing easily 200-500 uvs a day can be achived.

Starting bid :-$10
Increments of $10

haven't decided the bin and reverse yet..will update once i do.