Hello all,

I am looking to get rid of a large portion of my proxy network. I am in school right now and I no longer have the time to maintain them the way I was. It would take a good amount of work to make these very profitable but that goes for any business. Below is my list of sites and groups.

www.proxysites.ca (biggest topsite I have left)
listproxy.org (domain only)
newproxylist.org (domain only)
phproxy5.org (domain only - when it was up it was one of the better proxies)
proxyfilter.net (domain only)
proxysites.mobi (domain only)
proxy-sites.net (domain only)
proxywebsites.net (toplist an huge potential)
sitesproxy.org (domain only)
websitesproxy.net (domain only)
proxybook.org (domain only)
proxyseo.net (domain only)
proxylinks.org (domain only)
proxyhub.net (domain only)
free-web-proxy.org (domain only)
bestproxysites.net (domain only)
juvos.com (ranks high for proxy sites and proxy - used to be in top 7 for both)
freeproxysites.net (domain only)
freeproxysoftware.com (domain only)

34,000 yahoo and google group members
best_daily_proxies : Best Daily Proxies 2458 325
onlyfastproxy : onlyfastproxy 787 136
proxied : proxied 1861 352
proxy_now : proxy_now 481 89
proxyaday : proxy a day 5636 1063
ProxyUnblock : ProxyUnblock 21477 2717
Proxy Eater | Google Groups 273 2
http://groups.google.com/group/proxiesdaily/ 5371 0
ProxyUnblock | Google Groups 20 3
Total 38364 4687

and two twitter accounts

As of lately I have been rarely using it to promote my own sites, which does work... but there is most certainly more money in selling the top 3 or 4 spots in a daily newsletter. Back a year or so ago when I was in high school and I dedicated all my time to this, I was making between $300-$500 a month.

Bare in mind, these are group members, they are users who want a product... so if you are going to spam them with garbage and proxies that do not work you advertising will drop off and everything you do to promote the groups would be pointless.

I have many proxy toplist sites and proxy sites I am looking to get rid of too, so if you are interested in them as well just please PM.

I have negotiated with several people before and really, there is one person who owns the entire proxy group market. If you know anything about proxies, you know who that is. I am probably the 2nd largest group owner out there so if you are looking for an in into the proxy world, this is it.

Price: I have a lot of money in these groups. I am not going to give them away, and I want you to understand that right now. An offer worth a couple pennies a member is not even worth my time reading. If you know proxies and see potential make me an offer, if not, do not waste my time please.

Let me know if you have any questions.