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Thread: Blogs for sale

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    Blogs for sale

    Hi all,

    Looking to sell these blogs:

    www. imnoelectrician .com
    www. somebackup .com
    www. htmlusers .com
    www. gamemodo .com
    www. nintendoexperience .com
    www. wiirant .com

    Please let me know if you are intersted in any.

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    Any traffic / revenue at all?

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    Revenue has come from sponsored posts and link sales. Very little adsense and traffic ranges from not much to 40 visits a day. If you want more specifics let me know which site(s) and I can pull off the stats.


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    I'm interested in WiiRant. What sort of price range are you looking for?

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    What type of traffic does www. nintendoexperience .com get?

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