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Thread: BodyBuilding Website for sale

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    BodyBuilding Website for sale

    Website :
    I am Selling this domain name along with the website which is created by using Wordpress which makes it easier to edit and add content.
    The Domain name is a premium and a very niche domain towards body building and Fitness
    This is intergrated with Amazon,Adsense and clickbank high potential and automated.
    Also provided is 50 Bodybuilding articles with PLR rights,i can also set you up with free unique content.
    Traffic -Traffic has been increasing over the last month,already has 104 indexed on google and is also indexed on yahoo and Bing.Will provide traffic stats if interested.
    Domain and website will be transferred for free.
    I am taking offers,please PM or post below .Only Serious buyers.
    Payment - Paypal.

    * The keyword "body building" receives over "1,830,000" a month from Google

    * The keyword "exercise for body building" receives over "40,500" searches a month from Google

    * The keyword "body building diet" receives over "49,500" searches a month from Google

    * The keyword "bodybuilding tips" receives over " 87,100 " searches a month from Google

    * The Keyword : "bodybuilding store" receives over "6,600" searches a month from Google, has a CPC of $39.40

    * The Keyword ""bodybuilding ideas" receives over "3800" searches a month on Google.

    * Related Keywords have a CPC as high as $8.13

    Detailed Marketing Plan on How you will earn revenue

    There are 3 ways this website will earn you money.

    * Google Adsense - Getting clicks on your ads
    * ClickBank Affiliate Program - Getting your visitors to by the clickbank products
    * Selling Amazon Products - Selling Amazon Products

    Google Adsense Marketing Plan

    Ok guys I am going to explain to you how you will make Money through Google Adsense. I am not going claim any revenue potential, as I am going to break down the math for you extensively so you can see where I get these revenue projections from.

    You’ll actually get great traffic from all the sister keywords and other search engines. But I want to show you how confident I am in my SEO skills and in the earning projections of

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Let’s break down the revenue projections for Google Adsense:

    When this site gets on First #1 positions or on The first page in Google, it accounts for 60% of the clicks in the search results.

    So lets say In this case "bodybuilding tips" receives 20% of 87,100 searches which comes to a total of "22,000" clicks to this website.

    Now lets say out of the "22,000" unique visitors that come to this site.

    Lets say at minimum you get 500 clicks per month on your google ads at a CPC of $0.30. Lets do the math (500 clicks by $0.30 = $150). This is at the extreme minimum.

    Examples Of Income Stream For Google Adsense

    Paid Per Click Clicks Per Day Approximate Revenue Per Month

    $0.10 500 $1500.00

    $0.20 500 $3000.00

    $0.40 500 $6000.00

    Detailed Marketing Plan For ClickBank

    Let’s break down the revenue projections for ClickBank

    Ok guys this website features the 2 high paying clickbank products with recurring billing and how much you will earn per sale.

    * Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle = $24.87 per sale |with recuring billing|

    * Turnbulence Training Programs = $35.99 per sale |with recuring billing|

    Lets say you make 2 sales per day selling the $24.87 product thats $49.74 per day. Making $74 per day for 30 days = $1492. Thats $1492 per month doing nothing but waiting.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Example of Income Stream For ClickBank

    Sales Per Day Approximate Revenue Per Day Approximate Revenue Per Month

    $1 $25.00 $750.00

    $10 $250.00 $7500.00

    $20 $500.00 $15000.00x`

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Detailed Marketing Plan For Amazon

    Let’s break down the revenue projections for Amazon
    Making money with amazon is the same principle. Notice throughout the website I have integrated Amazon Carousels With products with them to be bought.
    And I have integrated a fully functional AMAZON E-STORE that allows its users to browse from a vast selction of products that can be vought directly of this website.
    You will earn up to 10% commision on each product that was sold

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    Examples of Income Stream for Amazon when selling 20 items per day

    Sales Commission Approximate Revenue Per Day Approximate Revenue Per Day
    $2.00 $40.00 $1200.00
    $5.00 $100.00 $3000.00
    $10.00 $200.00 $6000.00
    __________________________________________________ _______________
    My overall projection is that this site will start making you these kinds of figures within 1-3 months. Just by following step by step marketing tips that I will share with you.

    P.S: These are not estimates and not guaranteed results.

    Any questions please let me know.


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    Maybe do an auction with a reserve price and final sales date/time?

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