I'm selling ChromeHelpForums.com , which is meant to be a discussion forum for users of Chrome web browser and Chrome OS. While the Chrome OS is yet to see major success the Chrome browser is quite popular. I'm selling simply because I haven't had time to work on this, yet I think it has enough potential to be a serious project for someone who might have time for it.

The domain was registered on October 26th 2009, so it's almost two years old now.

The site ranks right after Google's own support sites for keywords "chrome help" and "chrome help forums".

It runs on MyBB, a quite speedy yet powerful free forum software. It is using a modified version of the Majestic theme.

There is over a thousand users right now, and a number of posts, but I'm afraid it is mostly by signature link spammers. There may need to be a clean up.

Last time I tried to sell this on DP, it reached a price of $50. Given the hype over Chrome in those days I had a somewhat higher price in mind (higher reserve) so it didn't go through.

The deal includes the domain name, and an export of the forum software and all data. In case you don't have hosting handy for it right now I can keep hosting it for you temporarily. I can set you up an SSH account on my server and make you an admin on the site.

Starting price: $40
BIN: $75

Payment method: 2CheckOut (PayPal checkout possible through this) or Moneybookers.com.

If you got any questions, just ask. Thanks!