Hello everyone.

Today I am looking to sell the following site:
12StepGuide | Make money online, 100% FREE!

It's something I developed a while back with some spare time. I never put a ton of effort into it, but it was still pretty successful. I received tons of referrals to various programs using the site. Over 42 people have signed-up to the site. (There are no benefits to signing up, it's just a feature that exists.) And over 300 people have requested to receive updates from our newsletter.

The site is valuable from that alone. But look at the domain! Highly valuable.
The age of it isn't bad either.

Domain age is almost 3 years old!

I created Conduit Toolbar for 12StepGuide and we got over 41 installations!

It's run on Joomla, which is an open-source content management system. You can add things like polls, advertisements, install plugins and modules, and more. The functionality of the software is truly amazing.

If you purchase this site you'll receive a free push of the domain name to your GoDaddy account. I will then provide you with a link to download all of the files and the database so you can easily just set it up on your site. Everything you need to get it up and running.

I have no price in mind - so just make an offer! I am looking for a quick sale.

Why am I selling?
I have sort of lost interest in the site and it definitely has potential, so I'd like it to find a new owner who can keep it going. I also could use the additional cash for the funding of some other projects I am currently working on.

The content is all unique - I wrote it myself.