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Thread: Consoldation Debt Website for Sale

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    Consoldation Debt Website for Sale

    I'm "Thinning the herd" a bit of the domains/sites that I own to focus on my top 3 niches this month.

    Started this site in Jan 2010 and just no time to focus on it. If I was to keep it, I would continue to build content and put up the associated .net to help with the link building, etc.For others that are in the debt/finance niche could be a syndication site or small niche site to further develop. This is a competitive niche, but there are a number of relevant key words/ phrases that have potential to pay XX.XX's in USD.

    Specifics are below. Free domain name transfer to GoDaddy. Will keep site content live for up to 30 days post sale.

    Post or PM with questions.

    Site for Sale: www. adviceconsolidationdebt. com

    : ~13/14 USD since registration from Adsense
    Site Obligations:None, 1 guest post with no obligation/strings attached.
    BIN Price: $75
    Auction Start: 26 August 2010
    Auction End: 31 August 2200 GMT
    Starting Price: $10
    Reserve: $20

    PR: 1
    #Articles: 11
    Page Count in Google: 30
    Registration Date
    : 1/5/2010,
    Registration Expiration: 1/5/2011
    CMS: Wordpress 3.01
    Traffic: AWStats Attached for the site

    * Auction Bonus: Auction winner has the option to purchase for $10.

    Random Sales Stuff for the Buyer:
    * *Buyer of site will transfer funds before I transfer the domain name(s) and content.

    *** I will provide the Site content in a zip with the WP database export separately.

    **** I will not upload the site for you, but XXTONI will likely do so for a small fee if you do not know how to load/import Wordpress.

    ***** I live/work in Central European time. Please post any bids openly. I'll reply sold, and again when exchange of funds/site is made to close out the thread.

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