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    According to WordTracker, the keyword "cooking perfect steak" is supposed to receive 194 searches/day. According to Market Samurai, the keyword is supposed to receive 43 searches/day. According to the Google AdWords: Keyword Tool, the keyword is supposed to receive 480 searches/month. is currently ranking #8 for the term.

    The domain name was registered with NameCheap on 12 Oct, 2009. has earned a total of $0.54 since then, and has had 156 page impressions.

    Aside from having had in my NetBuilder's signature this whole time, no link building has been done.

    The competition should be very easy to beat, with a little bit of work.

    This has potential to bring in a small passive income ($50-70/year in spot #1, if my estimates are correct), with very little effort.

    Starting bid: $20
    Minimum increment: $1
    Buy it now: $50
    Closing: 72 hours from timestamp of OP
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    Ok lets start this.

    $20 from me.

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    $25 bid here
    Programmer, web developer and entrepreneur.

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    Earned $0.12 today.


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