I own too many small websites so I can't control all of them so I am selling a lot of them. All the websites are small with not much traffic, around 500 visits per month.

all the websites except one are on godaddy... all of them registered till 2012...

Here is what I have:

Samsung S5260
PR1, 2000 visits a month, ranked #4 on google, #3 on yahoo and bing... Earned almost $15 last 3 months... It's good to say that this phone model is released on feb-apr this year so it is new and getting more and more popularity. I assume much more traffic will be there in next period. "samsung s5260" has 8400 exact searches per month and going up...

PR2, around 20 unique articles, not much traffic

PR2, around 500 per month visits, unique content...

10+ unique dental articles

20+ unique articles, around 400 visits per month

I will keep this thread open 2-3 days if there are interested people, will sell to highest bidder.

Waiting for your bids, you can bid thru PM or here...