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Thread: Custom designed URL shortening site. 3 char domain!

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    Custom designed URL shortening site. 3 char domain!

    I'm selling a URL shortening site,

    It is a custom design and unique. Very basic and straight to the point. You can easily monetize it and make other changes that you like. Brand new site so no traffic/revenue. Selling cheap.

    Requirements: It's a PHP based site. PHP 4 or above is required. The PHP module image/gd required if you want CAPTCHA support (optional). MySQL is required as well, as there is a database backend to store the URLs.

    Note: I will help in setting this up on your webserver...It's just simply a database and some php scripts.

    Any other questions feel free to ask.

    Opening bid: $20

    BIN $55

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    This never sold...anyone interested in this? Since it's been sitting stale, with 0 promotion, it gets on average 9 hits a day.

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    No thanks. Starting bid is $20. That's the lowest I'd let it go for.
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    This is a custom script or ....??

    What If someone is only interested in design and script (not the domain?)

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    Update. It didn't seem like anyone was interested in this. I was essentially seeing if I could get rid of all my 3char .net domains by throwing URL shortening tools on them.

    This website has been taken offline.
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