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Thread: Directory Reserve 200USD Must Sell Now – 5 Years Old

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    Directory Reserve 200USD Must Sell Now – 5 Years Old

    No frills, no gimmicks, online general web directory, old stalwart just keeps on going, steady income – year on year- without marketing- now needs listing edit to delete some reviews

    Reserve 200USD less than cost of Template

    Has made in Revenue

    Has received 276 payments @ approx 10USD = 2760USD

    Home Page brings in additional revenue

    All the links on the home page have expired, all can now be sold again

    PayPal Only

    First Offer of 200USD and the Directory is Yours

    To view site see sig link below

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    Has received 276 payments @ approx 10USD = 2760USD
    Over what length of time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kovich View Post
    Over what length of time?
    Details sent by email


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    what is the url of your directory ?
    Premium Directory :: PR4 Submit Your Link :: Best Product Review and Price Comparison Site One LD :: PR1 Directory

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    Thanks to all Directory now sold

    Mods please close this thread


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