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Thread: Dropship Ecommerce site for sale - Huge Potential

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    Dropship Ecommerce site for sale - Huge Potential

    Hi All,

    A premium established dropship website for sale selling Swords!!

    URL: Swords Universe

    The site is beautifully designed website and was done by a professional designer. The writing was obtained from other sites and our dropshipper's site.

    The site uses prestashop shopping cart software and i should say that its one of the best software around. Very easy to use with great functionalities.

    The site is very easy to run and requires about 1 hour per day at most to process the orders and answer customer e-mails. All products are shipped through a dropshipper so there is no need to maintain inventory or anything like that. You receive an order and payment, then you send the dropshipper the payment and order, and the product will be shipped out directly to the customer. No work on your part. Very straightforward and easy. Also, we have some of the best prices on the net for these products.

    You will get complete information about the dropshipper once you have aquired the site. Dropshipper is one of the best in business and very reliable. Dropshipper also provides product feeds which are updated every hour and can be integrated into the site. But currently i have added the products manually.

    This highly targeted niche isn't very competitive so there is great potential for high profits. The product is of very high demand and can do wonders when advertised properly. And holidays have just ended, the sales should increase drastically in the coming days because there are lot many people looking for offers!

    Why am I selling?
    I do create ecommerce sites and do SEO as hobby.

    Traffic & Revenue Generation:
    Traffic can be generated through SEO and also other online advertising in ebay and Craigslist. I would provide tips to the winning bidder and also can explain how to market the site. Currently the site didnt had any sales.

    More promotion, seo, etc. would easily increase the revenue but since that's all "potential" it's not included in the price of course

    All payments are collected through Paypal and also paid by paypal to the dropshipper. You will just have to change the paypal codes to yours. I can help transition the site completely.

    This is truly a great opportunity and you can earn for doing practically nothing. Requires no maintenance. And you can start right away.

    I am looking for $500 BIN price as i know site like this sells for more than $1500

    Accepting paypal

    Please PM me for URL and also for BIN price of the site.

    Only interested people should be contating me as i had time wasters before!!


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    Reducing the BIN to $450

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